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Pixel Trouble

3D Platformer adventure game



Pixel Trouble is a platformer adventure game set in the universe of another game: Super Adventure Land 3D! It has been corrupted by computer viruses.
You control Stream McFluffy, a debugger who is set on cleaning the mess up. Armed with a Pixel Gun, you can create platforms of your own choosing to navigate where you want to go.


The game was designed mainly for a Windows Xbox 360 Controller for the PC. You can play with the keyboard, but the game is not localized for it (and it has some bugs with the menus).

Game Info:

Playtime: ~2.5 hours
Levels: 2 Worlds, 2 Bosses, 1 Tutorial
Saving: Automatic (although menus are messed up with the keyboard, so you won't be able to load your game with it. Use an Xbox360 controller if you have one...)

You can download the FULL GAME here:
Pixel Trouble - PC Full Game


Game Screenshots:
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