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Michael Meltchenko


Born in the Soviet Union, I now call Montreal, Canada, my home.

My journey into the world of gaming began at the tender age of 7 when I unwrapped my first console, the Famicom (NES in America). Those early gaming adventures, spent alongside my brother, fueled a lifelong passion for video games and a dream: to one day create them professionally.

Today, I proudly wear the title of a professional game developer, specializing in crafting breathtaking animations that captivate audiences. My initiation into the gaming industry dates back to 2008 when I embarked on my career as a QA tester at EA Mobile Montreal. It was a pivotal moment when I realized that I didn't want to merely test games; I aspired to be part of the creative process, shaping the worlds and stories players would experience. This led me to take a bold step forward, applying to and ultimately gaining admission to Centre NAD (National Animation and Design Center) in 2009.

From that point onwards, my journey has been a thrilling odyssey, marked by collaborations with both triple-A and indie developers on iconic brands such as FarCry, Assassin's Creed, Rainbow Six, and Bioshock, to name just a few. My craft revolves around cinematic and gameplay animations, world-building, designing breathtaking aesthetics, and infusing life into characters.

Beyond my work in game development, I share my passion and knowledge with the next generation of creators at NAD, where I teach 3D animation courses. Additionally, I nurture my creative side with photography, strength training and dance.

For all business inquiries and collaborations, please feel free to contact me directly via the contact section.

Let's turn ideas into reality and explore the limitless possibilities of the gaming universe together.



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