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Michael Meltchenko


Born in the Soviet Union.
Lives in Montreal, Canada.



At 7 years old I got my first console, the Famicom (NES in America). That is where my love for video games begun. Together with my brother, we played video games days and nights. It is then I felt that one day I might do video games for a living.

Fast forward today, I am a professional game developer specializing in making awesome visuals. My first breakthrough in the video game industry was as a QA tester at EA Mobile Montreal in 2008.
I realized that I wanted to actually make games and not just test them. So I took the leap and applied to Centre NAD (National Animation and Design Center) in 2009 and got accepted.
Since then I worked for both  triple A and indie developers on brands such as FarCry, Assassin's Creed, Rainbow Six and We Happy Few just to name a few.
I love to craft worlds, designs beautiful aesthetics and give characters life.

On the side I share my passion and knowledge at the NAD where I teach 3D animation courses and I also run an online shop called 80 To The Max 

For all business inquiries please contact me directly via the: contact section



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