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Far Cry 4

Cinematic and gameplay animations

Cinematic Demo

On Far Cry 4:

  • I worked as a 3D animator and was the technical "go to" guy.

  • In pre-production, I was involved in establishing the cinematic workflow with our animation lead and our event scripters. Later in the project, teaching the workflow to all of the animators that joined us was part of my mandate.


  • This included making documents outlining the usage of our various in-house software and creating training packages to teach the new animators the cinematic pipeline.

  • Helped the AI animation team for a couple of months to ship the FPP (First Playable Publishable).


  • Took part in animating and shipping the E3/Intro cinematic of the game.


  • Was the actor and animator on most of the previz in the game. This included running the mocap shoots using the "Organic Motion" system, recording the audio and integrating the animations in the game.

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