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3rd Person Narrative Adventure game
PC game made with the Unreal Engine 3.

About the game:

"Continuum" is my bachelors degree final project at Centre NAD. My team and I decided to create a short video game for our bachelors thesis. We wanted to make a game that tells a narrative story.

The mechanics of the game are straight forward. We were only 5 people to work on this, so we worked around our strengths to make something interesting and at the same time, beautiful.
The game plays in 3rd person in which you have to look around your environment and interact with objects in order to progress.

Our video game tells the story of Alex, a mountain rescuer receiving a call for immediate help, that leads him to the peaks of snowy mountains. He embarks on an adventure to save this stranger.  
This expedition will take him to a mysterious temple that seems to has its own time cycle. Along the way, players will solve mental challenges in order to advance the story. 
Who is that stranger in the call? Will he be able to find that poor fellow? As you progress through various challenges, you will gradually reveal the rescuers fate. 


As part of the core group, I was present during the initial phase of the game. In pre-production, we brainstormed about the game's story and the game mechanics and I did the concept arts to have a visual identity of the project.

During production, my part in this project consisted of doing everything animation oriented. That also included doing storyboards for the cinematic scenes, camera layout and particle FX in the game.
I was the actor for the mocap shooting as well as the animator and was also in charge of rigging and skinning the main characters body.
Finaly, integrating everything in the game and testing if it works.


Website: Continuum
Get the full game here: Continuum - PC Full Game 


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